Our CEO, Rana Alqrenawi, is a Champion for Diversity and Inclusion, Empowering Voices, and Driving Change. She is passionate about creating inclusive environments where diverse perspectives thrive and every voice is heard. 

As a tech woman speaking at conferences about women in tech and diversity and inclusion, Rana is not just sharing her personal experiences but also advocating for systemic change within the industry. 

Her talks cover a range of topics, from breaking gender stereotypes and addressing unconscious bias to promoting inclusive hiring practices and creating supportive environments for underrepresented groups.


Rana emphasises the importance of diversity not just for the sake of representation but for the tangible benefits it brings to innovation and problem-solving. 

She Shares success stories and highlights the achievements of women in tech to inspire others and debunk the myth that tech is a male-dominated field.

Moreover, Rana discusses strategies for mentorship, networking, and career advancement for women in tech, as well as ways to foster an inclusive culture within companies. 

Her goal is to empower women to pursue careers in tech and to encourage companies to prioritise diversity and inclusion as integral parts of their business strategies.

Committed to driving meaningful change through advocacy, education, and empowerment initiatives, led by Rana’s long experience, we at AspireHer help our clients in:

🔹 Leading company-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives, fostering a culture of belonging and equity.

🔹 Develop and implement strategies to increase the representation of underrepresented groups in recruitment, retention, and advancement processes.

🔹 Facilitate workshops and training sessions on unconscious bias, cultural competence, and inclusive leadership, empowering teams to embrace diversity as a strength.

🔹 Establish employee resource groups (ERGs) to provide support, networking, and mentorship opportunities for marginalised communities within the organisations.

🔹 Collaborate with senior leadership to embed diversity and inclusion principles into organisational policies, practices, and decision-making processes.


If you are committed to driving systemic change and building a more inclusive future for all, let’s work together to create spaces where everyone can thrive! Please fill out the form below, and let’s chat.


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