Being eager to educate yourself and improve your career is essentially being part of a community that you improve and give back to as you grow.


Rana Alqrenawi, our Founder and CEO, is a passionate woman who aspires to build a future she feels proud of. She dreams of developing an outstanding educational background and a diverse career experience.


After a successful career path in Palestine, working with local and international companies and NGOs, she moved to live and work in the UK in 2018.

Moving Countries

Moving countries had a significant impact on increasing Rana’s desire to build communities and support women.


It’s her passion to enhance equity, diversity and inclusion, incorporating tech and business in one hand to solve complicated business problems and improve the community of women.


Her passion for providing women access to tech jobs inspired her to start a social enterprise to achieve that, and that’s why she called it AspireHer.

Mission Driven

Rana is a Muslim Arab woman from Gaza, Palestine. She is a mum to a little boy and was awarded an exceptional talent endorsement as a Senior Leader in Digital Technology to move to the UK and work to improve the tech ecosystem.


Her work in various environments and workplaces has enriched her experience to outdo many challenges women in general, Arabs, Muslims, and mothers in particular endure.


Moreover, living in another country, a variety of cultures, and a different language have developed her skills and qualifications to use them to help other women and offer a hand to employers to enhance an inclusive workplace

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